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Gardens and Planting

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Have you been walking around in Hamilton and admiring some of the gardens in different areas? Do you know that you can also have such a garden on your property? All you need is to find a professional company to work on the garden planting and you will be good to go. If this is your mission, then you are in the right place and we will be glad to work on your project and provide you with the best solutions. We have worked with a good number of clients and have helped in planting gardens and lawn-laying. Our team of experienced contractors will work with your budget and the type of property you have and provide the best solutions.

Our garden landscape design will always be customer-centric. As such, our focus is on making you happy and providing solutions that are ideal for you. We have worked with so many property owners in the past and we are totally different from the other Hamilton landscaping companies. We pay attention to the needs of our clients and all our services come with a personal touch. Once you have established what you would want to be created on your property we will get to work and give you the best services. We have so many concepts and designs to offer and we will ensure that you have a garden that represents your taste and preferences.

Types of Gardens We Plant

With the different landscaping services that we offer, our team of landscapers has a number of gardens to offer. When you need to have a garden planted, we can create these types of gardens:

  • Vertical gardens:  If you do not have too much space on your property, we can work with your walls and create vertical gardens. This creates a unique décor for your property and the advantage is that you get to choose between edible and non-edible plants.
  • Urban gardens: For those who live in apartments, cottages and other townhouses, we have the right solutions for you. We can use urban gardens as part of your landscape design. We will find the right plants to use and create a unique masterpiece even with space limitations.
  • Edible gardens: These are purely made of edible plants like vegetables and fruits. Our landscape gardeners will identify the specific plants that will be appropriate for such gardens and get to work on them. We will help with the maintenance of the gardens as well and you have the liberty of choosing different plants that can be mixed to create your garden.

You can be sure that we will help you make the right decision and this is what has made us become the top Hamilton landscaping company. Call us today and let us help you with the landscape construction and planting of your garden.

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Create Your Garden Now

Do you have a dream garden that you would wish to see come true? Give us a call and our Hamilton landscape contractors will help you with the project. We are ready to serve you with the best gardening services.

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