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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls hamilton

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Retaining walls Hamilton are essential structures and have a wide range of applications. This is one of the features that you would want to have as part of your landscape design. If you have a beautiful garden or property that is on a slope, you will find the retaining walls to be of great use. These walls will prevent soil erosion and ensure that the earth’s surface is intact and retained. With retaining walls, you are able to keep unwanted debris from your garden and property. If you would wish to have a retaining wall constructed, our landscape contractors are ready to work on your project. We have the capacity to build any type and size of retaining walls.

We have licensed, insured and bonded Hamilton landscapers. Our contractors are keen to provide results that exceed your expectations. There are different materials that we will use for the construction of retaining walls and whichever material you choose, we will give you the best quality. Our walls are designed in such a manner that they will serve the purpose and last for a very long period of time. We have talented and experienced tradesmen who are keen to meet and exceed your expectations. At any given point, we will stand behind our work and offer quality assurance. You can trust us with your landscaping project including the construction of the retainer wall. We also specialise in Driveways and Paths

Retaining Wall Contractors Hamilton

We have been in the business of creating amazing landscape designs for a couple of decades. Our landscape designers have the expertise to create different types of walls that will meet your needs. We will schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements, expectations and the budget that you have.

Here are some of the types of retaining walls that we can build:


We have constructed a number of retaining walls using wood and this is one of the affordable options out there. While this is not the most durable option, it is convenient and will certainly serve the purpose. Our experts will install the wall in such a manner that it can be able to hold off any unwanted elements from getting to your garden.

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Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete walls are the most common and we have different styles and designs to offer. Most clients prefer concrete by virtue of it being durable and easy to maintain. We can make use of decorative concrete to make your walls unique and more appealing. You will get to choose the specific type of concrete that works for you.

Concrete retaining walls frankton

Stone Clad

Our landscape contractors can also create retaining walls using stone-clad. This is one of the best options as the stones are unique, making each wall different from the other. With such a wall, there will be hardly any maintenance required and you will be able to protect your property to a large extent.

If you need a retaining wall in Hamilton, tall to us today and we will be glad to serve you.

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